Climate Change Denial? Huh?

Climate change denialism is a very real issue that is too often not pressed upon by the media. Whilst it is important to be having discussions on the severity of climate change, it is even more critical that we first identify and understand the Denialist movement. This is crucial because widespread denialism of climate change hinders on potential innovative progress. We have the tools and capability to tackle the threat of climate change. But, if we as a society are not collectively on board and actively pursuing change on the matter, then technological advancements essentially go to waste. This is why the campaign will aim to “Cool Down The Denial”. 

First of all, a little background on the who, what and how. Essentially, it comes down to two categories of people. We have the innocent, ordinary citizen on the street that has been manipulated to think a certain way because of framing strategies formed by the media in general. More importantly, however, are the powerful groups of people, which include politicians and those involved in the fossil fuel industry. These upper echelons are responsible for the persistent dissemination of false information. You might be thinking why? Why on earth would people insistently put the earth at risk when there is an overwhelming scientific consensus on the fact that climate change is real and it is happening? Well, really what it comes down to is fear of changing power structures. Powerful people have only one thing in mind, and that is to remain powerful. If all of the society strongly believed in climate change and vigorously voiced their concerns on the matter, this would mean cooperatively turning to different sources of energy – renewable energy. Unfortunately, this is a problem for the corporate people because it creates a society that is less reliant on fossil fuels.

Of course, it is very clear how powerful the Denialist organisation is to have continued such a robust opposition to climate change. They could be viewed as an organised gang. They are deceitful, shrewd, and well funded by authoritative contacts. They are also not easily detectable, which strengthens their level of influence. Thankfully, there is a greater understanding of their leaders. Greenpeace highlighted the role of the Koch Brothers in delaying climate change action. They have funneled over 88 million dollars to “climate-denial front groups”. It is now up to us to share such information with our friends and followers across multiple media platforms. We are equipped with sufficient communicative tools but if they are not utilized to expose such truths, then they are ultimately made redundant. Hence, there must first be attitudinal change before society can collectively proceed with tackling climate change.



Greenpeace, ‘Koch Industries: Secretly funding the climate denial machine’, accessed 1 September 2016, <>.



3 thoughts on “Climate Change Denial? Huh?

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    1. Thank you very much. Like you said, it is incredibly inconsiderate to both future generations and the planet itself. Hopefully, with more awareness and outreach, people will begin to gain a greater perspective on the matter.


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