Conspiracy Theories

One would think that this particular argument has long passed its expiry date. But, theories manifested by conspiracists are continuously consumed. This branch of pseudoscience corrupts the mind with absurd claims such as “climate change is a plot to get rid of the human race.” This particular theory was derived by author Alan Caruba, who slammed environmentalists as corrupt beings with the aim of diminishing human life on earth. A highly well-known theory is that publicised by none other than US Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump…


Another is the idea that we are entering a phase of global cooling. In this case, dismissing and downplaying the reality of global warming. This further reinforces the importance of understanding the difference between weather and climate. Weather fluctuations occur on a daily basis. Climate studies centre on long-term trends. That is changes in the climate over a long period of time. So, climate change does not solely refer to warmer weather, although there is an innumerable amount of evidence that signifies overall warming of the planet. To counter this theory, there is simply no credible data or climate scientist that would make such a bizarre claim.

It is also important to be mindful of certain social media accounts that will claim to be spreading climate truth. The reality of pages such as Climate Truth Now is the furthest thing from a Twitter page filled with factual information. It rapidly disseminates tweets that are contradictory to “climate truth”. The account is really a counter account with twisted scientific articles. This is very important because what often happens when people get involved in thinking about climate change is that they are lured into one of these kinds of accounts and this immediately creates what the denial people want, that is a climate of doubt around global warming. Do not be deceived by the green images  and quotes.

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In Australia, One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts is insistent on natural causes as the only reason for climate change. Overwhelming criticism by the scientific community as well as fellow politicians has had no effect on his cause. He claims, “Nature alone determines levels of CO2 in air,” as 30 billion tonnes of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere by humans alone. He also points to conspiracy theories that position the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Bureau of Meteorology as “corrupt accomplices in climate conspiracy driven by the United Nations”. This essentially reinforces how important your voice is. At this point in time, we simply cannot afford to have denialists in positions of power.

You can view Malcolm Roberts in denial action here