Climate Change Seeks Support

What does climate change demand of the media? A very peculiar question to contemplate as it situates the issue as a living entity with needs and concerns. This, of course, reinforces the concept of having to approach the issue with a much broader understanding of the relationship between the individual and the environment. If you have not heard of the notion of Sila, it has evolved to mean “the breath of life, the reason for seasonal and other changes, and the fundamental principle underlying the natural world and its comprehensive “mind.””. The notion of Sila is critical in its identification of the self as being integrated “with the natural world”. It is, therefore, crucial to not go about the problem with a sole interest in the self and of society in general. The earth is dependent on our ability to see eye to eye with its pleas as well as its growing pains. You should think of it as a parent and child relationship.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.37.50 PM.png

The media plays a crucial role in operating as a mediator between the two. People will simply not devote time or care if the media does not accurately emphasize just how important it is to step outside and act. It is no longer enough to be speaking on and reacting to the disastrous effects of climate change. Echoing the sentiment of many climate change activists, “Is it not simply time for action now?”. Communication on the topic must be enhanced in a way to motivate and encourage the general public into acting on inherent instincts such as that of nurturing.

We believe this kind of thinking will greatly broaden the hostile mind of denialists as well as providing an alternative perspective on the matter. Self-interest and greed must first be abandoned if we are to come together and collectively tackle the issue at hand. The next post will continue to look at the role of media and communications.